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    The Health Emergency Much has changed in the world since the March 1 edition of Vectors was published. Many of us are under a mandatory lock-down and those who are not, need to severely limit activities and exercise extreme caution. Being over the age of 70, my wife and I are remaining in our...
    New Program: Combating Mental Inertia My newest program, Combating Mental Inertia has been rolled out. Thanks to the sponsorship of Avemco Insurance, I premiered it February 29 at the Syracuse Safety Stand Down. In addition to the live course, I also created a YouTube video which can be viewed...
    Our Guest Bloggers Our guest bloggers, Brandon and Shawn, spend considerable time researching and preparing material for this publication. What do you think about their blog's? They are anxious to hear your comments, both positive and negative. They are also open to suggestions for future blog...
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  • Pilot Talk

    A Social Distancing Event

    How about some live seminars while our wings are temporarily clipped? I have a sizable collection of aviation safety seminars that I have conducted in the past. Some were done as webinars and some were done locally at various events. Some might call them re-runs but I would prefer to say that they have been previously enjoyed. I will run them live and provide an opportunity for discussion at the end of each one. I will also attempt to record them and post them online. Most were, or still are, valid for Wings credit, but offering credit adds a couple of layers of complexity so these will be for information only.

    Scheduled Presentations Week of April 6 - April 10

    Use the link provided to join the event a few minutes before the scheduled time.

    If you are prompted for a password, it is 624000 for all events

    All listed events will begin at 2:00 PM EDT (11:00 AM PDT, 12:00 Noon MDT, 1:00 PM CDT, 1800 UTC/GMT)


    We will be using the Zoom Meeting platform. It is very easy to use, but if you would like more information, you can find information at https://zoom.us

    Strike Out (Event has passed)

    Some Thoughts on Approach and Landing

    This presentation provides a review of some good operating practices relating to approaches and landings. It has never been presented online, but has been used in a few local safety events. Original created in 2013. Expected duration one hour including discussion.


    Monday, April 6


    Meeting Password:


    The Terrible Triad

    Fatigue, Stress, and Medications

    This presentation discusses the dangers of fatigue, stress and medications as they may relate to aviation safety. Cautions and mitigation strategies are suggested. The program was presented as a live webinar in 2016. Expected duration one hour fifteen minutes including discussion.


    Wednesday, April 8



    Meeting Password:


    Out -of-Control In More Ways than One Loss-of-control accidents continue to be the number one source of general aviation fatalities. This presentation takes a broad look at some of the LOC-I accident causal factors and some ways to help avoid them. Originally presented only at local safety events, the presentation was developed in 2015. Expected duration one hour fifteen minutes including discussion.


    Friday, April 10


    Meeting Password:


    Scheduled Webinars Week of April 13 - April 17

    Use the link provided to register for the event


    We have upgraded to the Zoom Webinar platform. You will now be able to register in advance for the events and have a full webinar experience.


    All listed events will begin at 2:00 PM EDT (11:00 AM PDT, 12:00 Noon MDT, 1:00 PM CDT, 1800 UTC/GMT)

    Things They Might Not Have Taught You in Flight School

    Might be new or it might be review. Interesting either way.

    This live webinar will examine some interesting and useful concepts of aerodynamics and aircraft performance that might not have been taught or might have been forgotten. We will discuss the practical aspects of the power curve, how propellers really work, the myths of lift and weight, the three turning tendencies, how to load the airplane for optimum performance, and other interesting concepts.


    Monday, April 13 Click here to register

    The Psychology of Approach and Landing

    Skill is only part of the equation

    Recent statistics show that 37% of all non-commercial fixed-wing general aviation pilot-related accidents were categorized as either descent/approach or landing. Pilots of all experience levels and certificate levels are involved in these accidents. This webinar goes beyond the usual discussion of approach and landing accidents and looks at three psychological principles that might become a factor.

    This webinar is aimed at both instrument rated and non-instrument rated pilots.


    Wednesday, April 15 Click here to register

    Maintain Control

    More tips on avoiding the LOC-I accident

    According to the FAA, the number one cause of fatal general aviation accidents is loss of control inflight. This one hour webinar will examine several recent inflight loss of control accidents, each representing a different scenario. Each accident will be analyzed to determine possible root causes which will reveal some effective mitigation strategies.


    Friday, April 17 Click here to register

  • Publications by Gene Benson

  • Want a Signed Copy of "Fifty Years of Flying Insights"?

    In the top box, enter the person's name you wish to use for the inscription. I will add a generic inscription, "Always fly like your life depends on it!" unless you enter an optional custom inscription in the lower box. The price of the book is $14.99 plus $4.50 shipping and handling for addresses in the continental U.S. Books shipped to New York State addresses will also be charged sales tax. Please allow up to three weeks for your book to arrive. Orders are handled securely by PayPal.


    Human Factors Ground School

    Nearly all aviation accidents have their roots in human error. This updated course will present basic human factors and apply them to Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM) and Risk Management. The influence of the unconscious mind, including our cognitive biases, is explored without the psychobabble, but with practical application examples. Some accident analyses are presented to illustrate important concepts. Lessons are primarily delivered via narrated video. Pertinent documents are available for download and review quizzes are provided for each section. A final course quiz must be successfully completed to earn FAA Wings credit.

    Course fee $199.

    Click here to register.

    Call the Ball online course

    Call the Ball - Making Better and Safer Approaches and Landings

    Navy Carrier Pilots are challenged by some of the most difficult approaches and landings known to aviation. Wouldn't it be nice if each time we landed there were a Landing Signal Officer (LSO) guiding us down, verbally coaching our approach and giving instructions on whether we were too low or slightly left of course? Or perhaps a "wave off" to let us know when we should perform a go-around? The truth is that you don’t need an LSO to make safe and successful approaches and landings. By applying the concepts, procedures and best practices used by military pilots and the airlines, you can make great landings too! Take this free online course to learn how to make better and safer approaches and landings. The course is available for desktop, and laptop computers as well as most mobile devices.

    The course will require approximately one hour to complete. At the end of the course, a brief quiz will be presented.

    FAA Accredited Activity: BRIGHTSPOT-CTB-0519 Valid for 1 Credit for Basic Knowledge Topic 3

    Click here to continue to the course.

    Help! My Brain is Trying to Kill me

    Earn the coveted Basic Knowledge-1 Wings Credit

    This online course examines how our unconscious mind often plays an important, and not always helpful, role in our decision making. Several psychological concepts such as heuristics and cognitive biases are discussed in a way designed to provide a practical understanding of how they affect our aeronautical decision making. Some practical mitigation strategies are also presented.

    The course will require approximately one hour, fifteen minutes to complete. A quiz is presented at the end of the course. Successful completion of the quiz is required to receive Wings credit for the course. The course is valid for one Basic Knowledge-1 credit.

    FAA Accredited Activity BRIGHTSPOT-hf-course-1_0619

    Click here to continue to the course.

    Urgent Decision Making - Training the Unconscious Mind

    This course is not valid for FAA Wings credit.

    This online course explores the science behind making better decisions when seconds count. Practical ways to improve our urgent decision making are presented. The course can be completed in less than one hour.

    Click here to continue to the course.

    Checklists for General Aviation

    This course is not valid for FAA Wings credit.

    This course is intended to increase the pilot's awareness of how effective and efficient checklist usage can actually lower the pilot's workload and increase safety.
    This course will explain why checklists should be dynamic documents, always ready to be improved or expanded. It will discuss the creation or revision of checklists for normal operations, abnormal operations, and emergency procedures. It will also show how the process of creating or revising checklists will increase better understanding of the airplane's systems and operation.

    Also included is a bonus module on the importance of creating and using abnormal procedures checklists.

    Click here to continue to the course.

    Combating Mental Inertia

    It is widely recognized that humans tend to continue with a task once it is started. Pilots sometimes continue with a flight even when evidence indicates that the plan should be changed or abandoned. This course examines the forces in the unconscious mind that cause this behavior and provides some practical mitigation strategies to improve safety.

    FAA Accredited Activity: BRIGHTSPOT-MI-COURSE-0220 Valid for 1 Credit for Basic Knowledge Topic 3

    Click here to continue to the course.


    Solving problems through the practical application of human factors.

    Effective Error Reduction Strategies for Mission-Critical Industries

    Errors are part of our humanness but we can reduce human error by applying our understanding of error causal factors. I can assess your operations, make recommendations, and develop a comprehensive program for error reduction. Reducing the number of human errors reduces waste, increases productivity and enhances safety.

    Event Speaker

    Due to the virus pandemic, we are not scheduling live, onsite events until further notice. However, we are available to assist with your distance learning needs.

    Whether you need a keynote speaker, a seminar leader, workshop facilitator, or simply a humorous talk about my experiences in the aviation industry, I can help. I have done hundreds of live speaking engagements. My style is dynamic and high energy. Nobody will be snoozing.


    My experience includes five consecutive years as a speaker at the NBAA annual convention, speaker at the National Safety Forum, the TBMOPA convention, a regional convention of the International 99's, plus hundreds of local FAA Safety Seminars throughout the Eastern U.S.

    Webinar or Remote Presentations

    Due to the virus pandemic, we are not encouraging remote presentations to groups. However, we are available to provide presentations to up to 1,000 remote attendees. Contact us to help in keeping your work-from-home workforce engaged.

    I have extensive experience is delivering high quality programs remotely. I have presented more than 500 webinars and remote speaking events on a variety of topics. Attendees can view from wherever they need to be or the presentation can be viewed by a large audience at a single venue. Or, groups at diverse locations can view simultaneously. Just about anything is possible with today's technology. I can handle the technical parts and you can save substantially on the cost.

    Books by Gene Benson


    My passion for human factors as they relate to reducing errors, especially in aviation, has led me to writing. I recently published a book I have been working on for more than a year. Titled, "50 Years of Flying Insights," I attempted to share some of the things I have learned during my flying and flight instructing career. I included many anecdotes along with the lessons I learned through them.


    I have also written many articles over the years and I am in the process of collecting my favorites and publishing them in the form of e-books. Please click the button below to see the books on Amazon.

    Safety Initiative

    I have resumed my safety initiative that I operated from 2004 through 2016. I took two years off but I'm back with renewed energy. Though the main focus will continue to be on aviation, I am expanding the initiative into areas of everyday life such as driving.


    Check out my blog in the "Vectors for Safety" section of this website.


    It will take me a little while to get the Safety Initiative fully up and running. Please check back often.

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    I spent more than 40 years in the aviation industry and have accumulated more than 15,000 accident/incident free flying hours. I have flown everything from Cubs to jets and have taught hundreds of people to fly and earn advanced ratings. I piggybacked my aviation career on my academic education in psychology and education. I helped in the development of Crew Resource Management from its inception to the successful systems we have today. For the last ten years, I have worked with various industries to adapt successful airline procedures to other mission-critical operations.

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