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    I am happy to announce that my safety initiative has outgrown my website!
    It now has its own website!

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    The Health Emergency Much has changed in the world since the March 1 edition of Vectors was published. Many of us are under a mandatory lock-down and those who are not, need to severely limit activities and exercise extreme caution. Being over the age of 70, my wife and I are remaining in our...
    New Program: Combating Mental Inertia My newest program, Combating Mental Inertia has been rolled out. Thanks to the sponsorship of Avemco Insurance, I premiered it February 29 at the Syracuse Safety Stand Down. In addition to the live course, I also created a YouTube video which can be viewed...
    Our Guest Bloggers Our guest bloggers, Brandon and Shawn, spend considerable time researching and preparing material for this publication. What do you think about their blog's? They are anxious to hear your comments, both positive and negative. They are also open to suggestions for future blog...
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  • Want a Signed Copy of "Fifty Years of Flying Insights"?

    In the top box, enter the person's name you wish to use for the inscription. I will add a generic inscription, "Always fly like your life depends on it!" unless you enter an optional custom inscription in the lower box. The price of the book is $14.99 plus $4.50 shipping and handling for addresses in the continental U.S. Books shipped to New York State addresses will also be charged sales tax. Please allow up to fourteen days for your book to arrive. Orders are handled securely by PayPal.


    Solving problems through the practical application of human factors.

    Effective Error Reduction Strategies for Mission-Critical Industries

    Errors are part of our humanness but we can reduce human error by applying our understanding of error causal factors. I can assess your operations, make recommendations, and develop a comprehensive program for error reduction. Reducing the number of human errors reduces waste, increases productivity and enhances safety.

    Event Speaker

    Due to the virus pandemic, we are not scheduling live, onsite events until further notice. However, we are available to assist with your distance learning needs.

    Whether you need a keynote speaker, a seminar leader, workshop facilitator, or simply a humorous talk about my experiences in the aviation industry, I can help. I have done hundreds of live speaking engagements. My style is dynamic and high energy. Nobody will be snoozing.


    My experience includes five consecutive years as a speaker at the NBAA annual convention, speaker at the National Safety Forum, the TBMOPA convention, a regional convention of the International 99's, plus hundreds of local FAA Safety Seminars throughout the Eastern U.S.

    Webinar or Remote Presentations

    Due to the virus pandemic, we are not encouraging remote presentations to groups. However, we are available to provide presentations to up to 3,000 remote attendees. Contact us to help in keeping your work-from-home workforce engaged.

    I have extensive experience is delivering high quality programs remotely. I have presented more than 500 webinars and remote speaking events on a variety of topics. Attendees can view from wherever they need to be or the presentation can be viewed by a large audience at a single venue. Or, groups at diverse locations can view simultaneously. Just about anything is possible with today's technology. I can handle the technical parts and you can save substantially on the cost.

    Books by Gene Benson


    My passion for human factors as they relate to reducing errors, especially in aviation, has led me to writing. I recently published a book I have been working on for more than a year. Titled, "50 Years of Flying Insights," I attempted to share some of the things I have learned during my flying and flight instructing career. I included many anecdotes along with the lessons I learned through them.


    I have also written many articles over the years and I am in the process of collecting my favorites and publishing them in the form of e-books. Please click the button below to see the books on Amazon.


    Safety Initiative

    My safety initiative is growing! In fact, it has outgrown my website so it now has its own site at VectorsForSafety.com

  • Personal Safety Audit for Pilots

    Valid for FAA Wings BK-1, BK-2, BK-3, AK-1, AK-2

    This personal coaching activity includes virtual meetings with an experienced flight instructor who will act as a mentor to review knowledge, practices, and procedures. An initial consultation will identify areas needing attention. Individualized activities will be assigned and follow-up virtual meetings will be scheduled. Up to a total of 4.0 hours of virtual meeting time is included. The program must be completed within six months of the start date. However, extension requests may be granted if extenuating circumstances warrant.

    Upon completion of the program the pilot will have a complete set of custom checklists, and a memorized set of briefings, a personal minimums checklist or FRAT, and a recurrent training plan. Additionally, the pilot will have increased awareness of stabilized approach criteria, collision avoidance techniques, stall/spin avoidance, runway safety procedures, wake turbulence avoidance, fitness-to-fly criteria, flight planning procedures, weather hazards, and more.

    Course fee: $279. Click here to enroll.

    About Me

    I am passionate about helping people to be better and safer.

    I spent more than 40 years in the aviation industry and have accumulated more than 15,000 accident/incident free flying hours. I have flown everything from Cubs to jets and have taught hundreds of people to fly and earn advanced ratings. I piggybacked my aviation career on my academic education in psychology and education. I helped in the development of Crew Resource Management from its inception to the successful systems we have today. For the last ten years, I have worked with various industries to adapt successful airline procedures to other mission-critical operations.

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