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Retirement: Enough Already!

I'm Back! (Click the blog title to open)

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Many of you remember me (I hope) from the Aviation Safety Initiative I conducted from 2004 through the end of 2016 when I decided to retire. Well, I gave retirement my best shot for just about exactly two years. During my hiatus, I traveled and got caught up on jobs around the house. I also devoted more time to my never-ending study of how understanding the psychology of our humanness can help us be better by reducing the number of errors that we make. But I always had one eye on aviation safety and I missed being able to apply what I knew about human error reduction to making flying safer.

So, I decided to resume my Safety Initiative with a little different twist. I will be dealing mainly with the human factors side of safety and I will not be running quite as extensive a program as in the past. But over the next few months, I hope to introduce some exciting new content and also some innovative projects.

I am also working on gathering some of my previous writing and making available in E-book format on Amazon. I have two e-books available now with collections of some of my articles from the past and I will soon be adding more volumes in that series and also publishing some of my accident analyses in e-book format as well.


In any case, this blog platform will be the main channel for my Safety Initiative. So please subscribe to be notified when each new blog is posted.


I'm excited to be back!